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Talbot County Circuit Court Welcomes New CASA Volunteers in 2017
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Feb 26, 2018

Mid-Shore CASAs sworn in:

Seven volunteers were sworn in as court-appointed special advocates Monday, Dec. 5, joining the ranks of locals with CASA of the Mid-Shore who donate their time to help children when they dearly need it.

CASA of the Mid-Shore covers Talbot, Dorchester, Queen Anne’s and Kent counties, and its volunteers, called CASAs, serve as advocates for children who are in the court system as a result of mistreatment from their parents. The volunteers provide information to judges who have to make important decisions about the kids’ futures. A running theme among CASA of the Mid-Shore is “hope.”

“In a world that seems to get more cynical every day, people seem to bash on hope and (say) hope is nothing but an empty vessel, but they’re wrong,” Talbot County Circuit Court Judge Stephen Kehoe said Monday to the new volunteers.

“Hope has immense strength, and everything you do has a butterfly effect. The light you bring into the children you will work for into their lives will multiply thousands of times over as they grow up and they become adults and they go forth in the world knowing that someone cares about them, knowing that in their darkest hours you stood and advocated for them,” he said. “A lot of people tell me, ‘Oh, I’d hate to be in your courtroom.’ I always say there are very good reasons to be in the courtroom, and the No. 1 good reason is to be a CASA.”

Kehoe Monday told the newest CASAs that their job won’t be easy, “but it is vitally important, and if you are helping one child, you are helping the whole world.”

Fay Mauro, one of the newest Mid-Shore CASAs, said she and her husband retired and moved to the Shore from Anne Arundel County, where she knew other CASA volunteers.

Mauro said she heard CASA of the Mid-Shore was looking for volunteers and decided to help “make a difference one life at a time.”

“I know that I can learn my new community from the inside out by learning about the children and their families and their needs and trying to make a life better, and at the same time it would help me learn and grow, “ Mauro said.

The others who were sworn in Monday as CASA volunteers are Jessica Bartlett, Subhan Campos, Lynnell Collins, Kim Finger, Katherine Nevius and Josefina Patterson.

“You are taking your time to have such a profound effect on a child who really needs you, and it is really an honor to work with you, “Adkins said. “I look forward to that, and I thank you for your choice and for your dedication to these children who need you so bad.”

Article by Josh Bollinger (jbollinger@stardem.com)